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  • UNKNOWN ASIA Art Exchange Osaka will make opportunities for Asian creators to be active over the country.
    UNKNOWN ASIA supports people who believe in their creativitiy, compete each other, share the sympathy and admit others.
    UNKNOWN ASIA is the place to connect between people who are creators coming accross countries with creativity & passionate and people who expect such doers.
    "From Osaka to Asia, from Asia to Osaka", here is the spirit of "ASIA IS ONE" that Tenshin Okakura declared in late 1920.
    We welcome all unknown creators who gather this art fair with passion and dreams.

  • Talents in Asia gather to Osaka!

  • UNKNOWN ASIA Art Exchange Osaka 2018,
    the one of the only unique art fair established in Osaka is to be held in September.
    This year in the 4th year, both the scale and participating countries have gron to the largest scale.
    200 artists selected from 10 Asian countries will exhibit.
    One of the unique characteristic of UNKNOWN ASIA is various business matchnigs supported by judges and reviewers.
    Designs, photographs, fashion, illustrations, performance....
    Please experience the site of exciting exchanges by creators across genres and countries.

  • July 20 , 2018

    【審査員 松尾良一賞】國久真有 個展情報 /
  • July 19 , 2018

    【イープラス賞】二宮千都子 展覧会情報/
  • July 10 , 2018

    【レビュアー池田誠 賞】オコイマツ 個展情報/
  • May 25 , 2018

    【シーズン・ラオ賞】アワード展 in マカオ/